ThriveFit brings activity and confidence to those who need it
We support local people living with or recovering from cancer. Our instructors are fitness professionals who have undertaken specific Exercise for Cancer Rehabilitation training:

'Liane is a great teacher, she doesn’t put you under pressure but gently encourages you. She gives personal praise which helps to keep me going when I start to flag! The exercises are simple and in easy chunks, but effective! I would really recommend it to anyone recovering or living with cancer.'  Jane

'ThriveFit teachers are always sensitive to the physical capabilities of individuals but get us moving with enough challenge to tap into the sheer joy of moving. The physical and emotional benefits are huge - thank you everyone at Thrive for making this possible!' Elizabeth

'I really can't thank you enough for what you do at ThriveFit. Those weekly classes really have given me confidence in my physicalability post acute leukaemia, and boosted my mental health too.' Jo

Our partners help us to expand our reach:
OakleafTopic of Cancer
What we are best at

Our Values

We treat all our participants as individuals, making sure that classes are suitable for everyone
We work with local charities such as Topic of Cancer and Maggie's to extend our reach and provide free exercise to as many people as possible
We ensure that every pound raised goes to support our work, with no payment for admin or trustees