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How to Donate to ThriveFit
Check out how to donate to ThriveFit. The easiest way to help is to donate online at: Any donation will help us to help people with cancer
March 14, 2024
Teenage and Young Adults
ThriveFit is aiming to extend our reach to the teenage and young adult demographic to provide some much needed active support. Cancer affects the development of young people in different ways to adults, and exercise and movement are important in counteracting this.
May 22, 2023
ThriveFit at the Rotary Club Walk!
Congratulations to our trainer Liane Jarman and her amazing team on their 10k (in fact 12k) sponsored walk for ThriveFit!
May 21, 2023
Mental Health Support
It is very common to struggle with mental health during cancer treatment. Luckily there are many local services that can help. Please see some links for organisations that can provide that essential support for free:
March 12, 2023
World Cancer Day 2023
This year's World Cancer Day's theme, “Close the Care Gap”, is all about celebrating progress in its many forms that enable more people to seek and receive the care they need and deserve.
February 5, 2023
ThriveFit heading for the Marathon!
Stuart is running the London Marathon for ThriveFit and is aiming for under 3 hours!
September 4, 2022
ThriveFit at Ride London!
Christy, Jim and our lead trainer Beccy donned their cycle tops and rode a 100 mile loop around London and Essex in support of ThriveFit.
February 21, 2019
ThriveFit Online
Due to the generosity of our donors and partners, we have now added a Monday evening class to our schedule. This will enable those in work or having treatment to join at a time convenient to them. Anyone living with or recovering from cancer is welcome to join
February 21, 2019
ThriveFit New Timetable - with Evening Monday class!
ThriveFit aim to increase flexibility for their participants with the inclusion of a new evening class. Alongside the addition of Qi Gong, we now offer an unparalleled mix of classes desgined to maximise benefits to anyone recovering from cancer treatment
February 21, 2019
ThriveFit at Ripley Craft Fair
ThriveFit were the featured charity at Ripley Craft Fair on Sunday
February 21, 2019
Free Exercise for People with Cancer
Fitness classes available now!
February 21, 2019
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