Mental Health Support

March 12, 2023

It is very common to struggle with mental health during cancer treatment. This is a normal response to what is a very stressful time for body and mind. At ThriveFit we provide exercise sessions that can help boost energy and relieve some of this stress, however we know that for many people, additional mental health support is needed.

Luckily there are many local services that can help. Please see below some links for organisations that can provide that essential support for free:

The Fountain Centre at Royal Surrey Hospital provides free counselling services specifically for those going through cancer treatment

Talking Therapies Surrey is a free NHS service offering short-term psychological therapies for a range of common mental health problems

Mind Matters are a local NHS provider offering free andconfidential talking therapies to people aged 17+ registered with a Surrey GP.They specialise in CBT therapy

Centre for Psychology also provide free Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy for residents of Surrey

MacMillan are offering up to six counselling sessions, freefor people struggling emotionally because of cancer

There are many other services out there, so please remember that you are not alone!

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